Bael Fruit - Overview, History, Uses, Benefits, Precaution, Dosage

What is Bael?

Bael is a fruit of the Aegle marmelos. It has a large number of nutrients that are essential for the general health of the body. Bael, also known as bilwa or bil, is a vital tree in Indian culture, which is mostly planted around temples. This tree has many medicinal properties.

It is a thorny tree that can reach heights of 6 metres and is indigenous to sub-mountainous regions of India and Burma, as well as other high-altitude tropical regions. The fruits, roots, leaves, bark, and branches of the plant are all given therapeutic characteristics by the old Indian pharmacopoeia known as Ayurveda. The fruit is up to 10 centimetres in diameter when ripe, has a yellowish shell, pale orange pulp, lots of seeds, and a bitter flavour.

The fruit can be eaten fresh, dried, juice or in supplement form. Bael fruit contains a number of substances that can affect health. These substances include tannins, a class of compounds with anti-inflammatory effects and many more.

  • Latin Name: The Latin name of bael fruits is Aegle marmelos.
  • Family: Bael belongs to the Rutaceae family membrane.
  • Common Name: Stone apple, Wood apple, Bilwa, Bil, Bengal quince, Japanese bitter orange, etc are famous common names in the world.
  • Habitat: Bael is familiar with the dry, open forests on hills and plains at altitudes with good rainfall.
  • Season: Mid-April - May is the harvesting period of the bael fruits.

History of Bael Fruit

Bael originated from India. It is found in the ancient manuscripts from the Vedic era (2,000–800 BC) as fruit and its religious significance. According to the book "Handbook of Tibetan Buddhist Symbols," goddess Parvati's sweat beads dropped and produced bael trees when she stirred the waters and produced life on Earth. The trifoliate leaves of the bael appear on Shiva's crown and trident, and its three-pronged leaves' tips also symbolise the sacred trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva.

The fruit is now seen growing wild in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Burma. Thailand, northern Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Egypt, a few Caribbean islands, and Suriname are other nations with modest cultivation.

Every Part Is Worthy

The Bael tree is a very useful plant. Every part of the bael plant like the root, fruit, stem, leaves, etc holds medical properties and provides health benefits to the human being. 

According to the Indian Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia, the root is effective for treating lipid problems, diabetes, and dysuria. The leaf is recommended for jaundice and has a hypoglycemic effect similar to insulin.

While the alcoholic extract of the seeds exhibits anti-allergy action. Marmin, a coumarin isolated from the roots, exhibits anti-inflammatory and anti-ulcer properties.

The root bark may have the ability to slow the heart rate, while the seed oil showed positive effects on the regeneration of malignant cells. It is also employed to stop heart palpitations.

In addition to pectin, another crucial fruit component, the dried pulp is used medicinally to treat diarrhoea and dysentery. 

Bael Fruit Nutrition

Bael is rich in high nutritional value. It contains protein, beta-carotene, vitamins, thiamine, riboflavin, Vitamin C and many more. If you consume 100 grams of bael fruits in fresh or extract form, here is the list of nutrients you will get- 

  • Energy: 36.8kcal = 154
  • Carbohydrates: 9.0g
  • Proteins: 1.0g
  • Dietary fibre: 0.8g
  • Soluble fibre: 0.0g
  • Calcium: 21.9mg
  • Vitamin C: 53,7mg
  • Pyridoxine B6: 0.0mg
  • Phosphorus: 22.7mg
  • Manganese: 0.1mg

Bael pulp can be eaten raw, but it is popularly hollowed out and frozen or candied. It can also be mixed with coconut milk for a delicious, healthy drink or frozen in ice cream. The bael capsules, bael juice, etc are also available. You can get bael nutrients by any of these methods.

Bael Fruit Benefits

Bael is one of the best fruits for the human body. It delivers a number of benefits to the body. Let's know about them -

Antimicrobial & Anti-Inflammatory: The antimicrobial properties from the bael used to control fungal and viral infections. It contains cumin aldehyde and eugenol which make it antimicrobial in nature. Where the anti-inflammatory properties are used to reduce histamine-induced contractions. In addition, beal also gives positive results to relax and soothe inflamed organs.

Improve Heart Health: Bael fruit is great for heart health. It reduces the risk of heart failure, heart attack, clotting and any more thanks to its blood purifying and antioxidant content. In addition, it is able to reduce blood glucose levels by almost 54%. The regular use of bael juice or bael supplement is perfect for all heart patients to give strength to the heart.

Reduce Gastric Ulcer: Bael fruits are ideal for stomach health. It reduces gastric ulcers and heals the gastric problem caused by an imbalance of mucosal levels or oxidative stress in the gastric tract. The phenolic compounds present in Bael are filled with antioxidants to reduce gastric ulcers. In addition, it is rich in cooling effects. It provides a calm and relaxation to the stomach that is great for gastric ulcers.

Reduce Cholesterol: Bael fruits are very helpful to reduce and control the cholesterol level in the body. It reduces the bad cholesterol level and supports good cholesterol which is great for heart health and weight management. You can control your triglycerides, serum and tissue lipid profiles by the regular use of bael juice or supplement.

Increase Metabolism: The fruit beal contains wonderful qualities that enhance the metabolism process and boost the activities of the concerned organs. Bael is rich in fibre and many nutrients that are responsible for increasing the metabolic rate by the use of bael. Having a glass of bael juice after a meal gives you better metabolism and energy for the body.

Control Diabetes: Bael fruits are natural laxatives that are helpful to control the blood sugar level. It is a great fruit for type I and type II diabetic patients. It stimulates the pancreas and helps them to produce enough insulin that controls the blood sugar level. It controls the mechanism and safely manages the blood sugar level in the body.

Prevent Constipation: For constipation and stomach pain, bael is the most consumed fruit. It is rich in natural laxatives that provide relief in the stomach, cleanse the intestine and tone the intestine. Using bael fruits or juice for some days reduces the constipation problem and avoids the chances of having constipation and any stomach ache.

Eliminate Haemorrhoids: Bael is rich in tannins which are helpful in curing diarrhoea, cholera, haemorrhoids and vitiligo. Haemorrhoids are swollen veins. Bael is anti-inflammatory in nature and reduces the inflammation in the veins. In addition, bael is also a solution to indigestion which is a common problem of Haemorrhoids.

Natural Blood Purifier: Bael fruit is famous as a natural blood purifier. It is able to eliminate toxins from the body. It detoxifies the body and cleanses the stomach, liver, and kidney. Blood purification is also great for skin health. 

Prevent Scurvy: Being high in vitamin C and antioxidants, bael is a great option to prevent and reduce the symptoms of scurvy. A lack of vitamin C in the body causes many problems. It provides vitamin C and enough energy to fight the scurvy symptoms. 

Bael Fruit Precaution

Although bael fruit is a natural supplement. But it is important to consider the precaution before using it. There is some concern that bael fruit may trigger side effects such as low blood sugar and upset stomach.

  • An overdose of the bael fruits is not good for the body. An overdose might cause stomach upset and constipation in the body.
  • There is no reliable study that describes the use of bael fruit for the skin. It is not recommended to apply the bael fruits on the skin.
  • A pregnant and breastfeeding woman should also avoid bael or bael extract until it is suggested by the healthcare professional.
  • Bael is able to lower blood sugar levels. Hence, it is not for the one who is already on diabetes medication. An excess drop in blood sugar level can be serious for the body.
  • It is suggested to stop the bael use two weeks before and after undergoing the surgery.
  • The use of bael leaf is associated with severe liver injury, liver failure, and death due to aegeline substance.

The components in bael fruit can alter how the body processes the medication. Before consuming bael fruit, be careful to discuss your prescription or supplement use with your doctor. Please be aware that dietary supplements are not regulated and have not undergone safety testing. A supplement may occasionally give dosages that are different from those listed on the label. In other instances, a supplement could include contaminating agents or unstated components. Products made from bael fruit, for instance, may incorporate substances from other plant components.

Bael Fruit Dosage

The FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) has established the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for all products and ingredients. As per FSSAI, the RDA value for Bael fruits is-

  • Unripe fruit pulp: 5-10 g (as the pulp)
  • Ripe fruit pulp: 30-50 g (as the pulp)

FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) decides the correct dose of all products and ingredients. The consumption of any fruit, herb or ingredient more than the FSSAI limit is considered an overdose. 

The use of bael capsules, bael juice, bael decoction or other forms needs to be used under limits. Well, everything is written on the label. Follow the guideline from the label or consult the healthcare professional for the right use. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on Bael

To eat bael fruits, first, check if they are fully ripe or not. Take out all the pulp from the bael fruits. Remove all the seeds and have them. You can have it eat pulp directly or prepare juice with it.

Blend the bael pulp in the blender with some water. Make sure, do not blend the seeds of the bael fruits. You can add sugar if you want to. Drink it cool.

It is very easy to find fresh bael fruit in India. During the bael season, you can buy it from the local market, supermarket or online market.

Bael is a special fruit. It is used in constipation, diarrhoea, diabetes, metabolism, heart, skin and many more.

Stone apple is the English name of bael fruit.

Yes, bael juice is good for the body. It holds a number of medical properties that offer a number of benefits to the body. It is great for the digestive system, diabetes, cholesterol and many more.

Bael is highly famous in the summer season. It is a summer fruit because it has cooling properties. Hence, bael is a cold fruit.

No, bael does not cause gas until it is used in a limit. Instead, bael supports the digestive system and reduces digestive problems like gas, bloating, constipation, etc.

It is not good to consume bael juice with an empty stomach or without eating first.

An overdose or the wrong dose of MSM powder might cause side effects. Exhaustion, nausea, etc are some of the adverse effects.

Yes, it is ideal to consume bael juice regularly. It is a natural fruit.

Yes, bael fruit is a detoxifier and purifier by nature. It removes the toxic and unwanted particles from the liver and supports liver health.

It is great to consume bael juice after breakfast in the morning.

Yes, bel juice is a great option for diabetic patients. It is rich in fibre that helps the body to lower the blood sugar level. Just make sure your bael juice does not contain added sugar in it.

Fresh ripe bael fruit, fresh bael juice or bael supplement are the way to consume it for health benefits.

Bael should be used after meals only. Hence, use your bael capsules or pills only after having a proper diet. Well, you can consult a healthcare professional for better guidelines.

Yes, bael is very beneficial for the stomach. It removes indigestion, boosts metabolism, reduces toxic particles, cleanses the stomach and intestines, and reduces constipation and related problems.

Excess use of bael fruit may cause stomach problems in the body.

Yes, bael fruit or supplements help in acidity. It reduces the secretion of gastric acid and protects the stomach.

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