Welcome to your initiation towards a healthy tomorrow! The main spirit of Bhumija Lifesciences is to bring Active Ayurveda in the most modern form to the lives of millions of people across the globe and work towards holistic healing of every individual. Bhumija committed to maintain purity, honesty and worth of the herbs used.

We manufacture all the products after doing research, test and development at R&D unit by renowned Doctors plus scientists referring the primordial Ayurvedic versions, categorizing native herbs and imperiling the formulation to current modern pharmacological, safety and toxicological tests to form new medicines and remedies.

BHUMIJA was established to bring about high quality nutritional dietary supplements providing enhancement in Wellness, Fitness and Health for anticipation of lifestyle connected ailments. BHUMIJA Group determined to outshine human lives since, with a substantial occurrence, fetching utmost quality and systematically authenticated dietary supplements with natural ingredients plays a vital role in overall development of health.


Company Profile


Bhumija Lifesciences is a company that deals in herbal as well as remedies related products. Our company is comprising of enthusiastic, qualified and skilled specialists who aims to deliver consumers value-for-money.

Customers are the vital strength for our business. Moreover we are always dedicated in serving them up to their contentment.


Bhumija Lifesciences believes in leading the company through right business practice encouraging good quality innovative products reaching out everyone in all parts of India offering full consumer satisfaction and encouraging entrepreneurship in individuals.

Our mission is to become the influencers in our business by sustaining high value, presenting novel and advanced products, reaching every part of India enabling distributors expand their business.

Our vision is to stand apart from the competition through being the “top” in our functioning processes, supply units and value systems and maintain business ethics

  • Teamwork
  • Quality
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Research and Development
  • Customer Satisfaction

Bhumija Lifesciences has relished a 8 years legacy of progress, backing significantly to Healthcare through its extensive variety of  Ayurvedic, Herbal and Dietary preparations. We bring three decades of expertise, and a lot more insight into our Healthcare venture.


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