Benefits Of Popular Chai Seeds That Will Surprise You

Chia is one of the basic foods which is everywhere on the internet nowadays. It is a seed from a 1-metre-tall tree. the fertilisation of its flowers, a fruit is produced that when ripe releases small, very shiny greyish seeds, 2 millimetres long. These seeds are those that are taken for their multiple properties and health benefits, which we present to you below.

Benefits of Chia Seeds

There are several benefits linked to the daily use of chia seeds.

Helps satisfy appetite: Chia is fantastic assistance when it comes to limiting food portion sizes since when hydrated or soaked, it gets bigger and takes up more room in the stomach, which helps to reduce anxiety when eating. It is important to emphasise that it should not be used as a substitute for skipping meals in the long term because a varied diet is always the healthiest. In overweight people, a regimen incorporating chia flour was carried out, and it was observed that after 12 weeks there was weight reduction, improvement in lipid profile and decrease in cholesterol.

Complement vegetarian and vegan diets: Chia seeds are a great addition to plant-based diets since they provide twice the protein, twice the calcium, and seven times the omega-3 fatty acids of salmon. Having said that, it is beneficial for everyone's nutrition and should be included in diet. It's a fantastic complement for athletes.

Reduce Constipation: Mucilage is a type of fibre that is produced when chia seeds are moistened. It aids in intestinal transit and can be beneficial for disorders like constipation. A tablespoon of chia offers 19% of the daily required fibre.

Skin Improvement: Chia contains both macro and micronutrients that aid in skin improvement. In addition to providing trace elements, fatty acids, amino acids, carbohydrates, and flavonoids that support skin health, it also contains vitamin C, which heals and stimulates the production of collagen, which is lost with age, vitamin A, which aids in dehydration and inflammation, and vitamin E, which guards against free radicals.

How To Use Chia Seeds?

One teaspoon of chia seeds should be taken daily. Mucilage needs to be activated by letting it sit in a glass of water for 30 minutes or until the mucilage is released to get the benefits described above. When consuming it, it is important to be careful not to take the tablespoon of unhydrated chia seeds, because they could become hydrated while passing through the trachea and cause suffocation. To take advantage of the other benefits of chia, it can also be ground in the form of flour, to be incorporated into smoothies or also into breads.

Lemon water with chia is among the simplest recipes to use chia seeds. To prepare, simply pour one spoonful into lemonade. Chia pudding is another extremely simple recipe. To ensure it is ready for breakfast, this is made the night before. Fill half a glass with chia seeds and add fruit juice of your choice, or vegetable milk. It is not necessary to add sweeteners, but it is optional. After all the ingredients have been combined, cover and freeze for the entire night. You'll have a nutritious custard ready the next morning.

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