Grow your Immunity with this Immunity Booster Kit

With more and more people falling for the herbal cure, the immunity booster kit by Bhumija is prepared to provide you with a healthy life and a robust immune system. This kit is prepared with the finest medicinal herbs, which helps to enrich the body’s defence mechanism.

Combination of Ayurvedic immunity booster herbs in this kit has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties. It further helps to increase the level of white blood cells and platelets in the body to prevent common infections. Immunity Booster Kit is useful to cure chronic fever, supports better digestion and reduces stress & anxiety.

Moreover, this immune system booster helps to eliminate the accumulated toxins from the body and fights asthmatic & respiratory problems. The Ayurvedic herbs in this kit are useful to balance the three doshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha) in our body, which are essential to staying away from several infections.

Benefits of Using the Ayurvedic Immunity Kit Daily

Preventative health support with the goodness of multiple herbs

Immune Boosters – Activate the body’s natural defence system

Rejuvenate and enhance strength and energy

Support nervous system – Manage anxiety and stress

Support respiratory and digestive health

Improves Metabolic health and supports sugar metabolism

Note: One added advantage is that you do not require any consultation from the doctor to add this kit in your health routine, as it is a completely herbal product with zero side effects.

What are the Ingredients of Immunity Kit Herbs and their indications?

Lifefiz Nutraceuticals

This Immunity booster is effervescent with the herbs like Brahmi, Tulsi, Ashwagandha, Ginger and Amla. Ashwagandha is the most valuable herbs in Ayurveda and is also known as “Winter cherry” or “Indian ginseng”. It is a rejuvenating herb that helps the body adapt to various types of stress and also promotes stamina along with general well-being. As per Ayurveda, Ashwagandha is the best herb for balancing Vatadosha, which governs all significant movement in the body, which also includes the activity of nerve impulses throughout the nervous system.

PanchTulsi Drops by Bhumija 

PanchTulsi is a natural liquid extract of 5 basil leaves that are mixed in very significant proportion and are known to have life-supporting properties; some of which may include anti-ageing, anti-septic, anti-biotic and antioxidant properties. It helps fight against various health problems associated with pollution and other infectious conditions like Asthma, Anaemia, Migraine, common allergies, skin rashes, itchiness, flu etc.



Giloy is the primary Ayurvedic herb used in the form of Giloy Ark that helps to eradicate body infections. Giloy defends the body against bacteria and viruses, Tulsi fights contagious viral infections and protects the body against all forms of fevers.


Each product in this kit is beneficial and takes care of you in different ways. Together, they make for a perfect tonic that empowers your body and helps fight common illnesses. With a robust and improved immune system, you can fight off any harm that can occur in your body. This Kit provides you with the best combination of products to promote Immunity.

This immunity booster kit is meant to improve your health and can be used by everyone from children to the elderly. Live life the ayurvedic way by ensuring that your body is taken care of naturally in the long run. It is a 5 step process to boost your immune system and bring a holistic picture of health to your body. Bhumija’s Immunity Kit could be part of your lifestyle as a strengthening toolkit.

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