Nourish your health with the goodness of Sea Buckthorne Herbal Supplements


Sea buckthorn also called as Sandthorn or Seaberry is a thorny shrub with narrow, glossy leaves and orange berries. It has a rich history of use in treating medical conditions and has been called a "Wonder" plant in many Asian countries. Mythically believed to be the "Sanjivani Booti" from the Ramayana, Seabuckthorn berry is found in the snow-capped mystical hills of Leh – Ladakh.

Seabuckthorn - Himalayan Berry

The berries contain a high amount of vitamin-C, Calcium and over 100 essential nutrients beneficial for human growth. Eating the berries raw can be acidic; thus, it is advisable to consume the extract in the form of juice or capsules.

 Bhumija provides Sea buckthorn supplements in the form of juice and capsule, which helps maintain energy levels, promotes healthy respiratory tract, fights skin damages and reduces cholesterol levels. Sea buckthorn is the only fruit which contains Omega 3, 6, 9 and rarest omega 7.

 This nutritious ayurvedic supplement is enriched with vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds have potential applications like promoting skin health, improving dry eye syndrome, and preventing heart disease.

Proponents & Mechanisms

Flavonoids present in Sea buckthorn juice and capsule have a high free radical scavenging activity, which contributes towards protection against oxidative stress. This may help with ulcers, wounds, inflammation, and stress-induced conditions.

 The high amount of antioxidant compounds, vitamins, and minerals help in improving health by removing or neutralizing the damage caused by free radicles.

 The Anti-Inflammatory properties present in its bioactive compounds like carotenoids and phytosterols in the Leaf extract of sea buckthorn contribute to be a potential source in treating Arthritis.




Uses & Effectiveness

Heart disease: The bioactive compounds like the flavonoids, carotenoids, unsaturated fatty acids, & phytosterols are known to show positive effects on cardiovascular health. Sea buckthorn capsule and juice helps lower cholesterol, reduces chest pain, and improves heart function.

 Kidney Protection: These herbal products help improve symptoms of lack of appetite, swelling and low urination, along with reducing inflammatory cytokines in the blood and proteins in the urine.

 Liver Problems: Sea buckthorn capsule/juice might reduce liver enzymes and other chemicals in the blood that indicate liver problems.

 Indigestion: The extract with sea buckthorn helps improve appetite (by increasing the levels of leptin) and results in better digestive function for stomach and bowel motility.

 Robust Immune system: It contains substantial amounts of minerals like Zinc, Iron, Selenium and Manganese along with several bioactive compounds that exhibit immunity-boosting properties.


Side Effects & Precautions

Sea buckthorn may cause a drop in blood pressure and can slow blood clotting; therefore, it should be avoided during cuts, serious injuries, or with a scheduled surgical procedure. There is also not enough reliable information to know if sea buckthorn is safe to use when pregnant or breast-feeding.


Sea buckthorn juice and capsule by Bhumija are herbal and ayurvedic products with possibly no side effects; however, consult your doctor/ physician about any potential side effects based on your health condition and possible supplement interactions.

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