Want to know the causes of ageing?

I want to stay young forever, I don't want to get old, etc are the desires of many people, but to achieve this, it is necessary to understand the causes of ageing. Here are the main causes of ageing signs. You should understand it first to control ageing symptoms.

There are four causes of ageing, according to anti-ageing medical theory. Let me explain to you-

Active oxygen causes rust: The body's oxidation, or rusting, due to active oxygen is the primary cause of ageing. When iron oxidises, it rusts, so the oxidation of the body is called rusting. Although excessive amounts of active oxygen can harm cells, they are necessary for the body to defend against harmful bacteria and viruses. Oxidation is the term used to describe the state in which cells stop functioning properly. In addition to oxygen that is inhaled by the body, other sources of active oxygen include radiation from the sun, smoke, electromagnetic waves, stress, and dietary additives. Ageing is caused by active oxygen oxidising cells, which can result in sagging skin and age spots on the skin.

Skin burns from saccharification: Similar to oxidation, glycation contributes to premature ageing. When sugar is consumed, excess carbohydrates that are not used as energy combines with proteins in the bones and blood vessels of the body, causing cell deterioration. An excessive sugar intake can cause your blood sugar to rise quickly, which will facilitate the scarification of your body. The cause of ageing is AGE (advanced glycation end products), which are toxic compounds that accelerate ageing and are created during glycation.

Function of genes: There are individual differences in the speed of ageing, and the cause is related to longevity genes (sirtuin genes). When the activity of these longevity genes slows down, the body becomes unable to stop ageing phenomena such as accumulation of active oxygen and failure to repair damaged cells. To slow down the speed of ageing, it is important to activate longevity genes.

Excessive intake of sugar sweeteners: Ageing is a result of dietary practices that involve consuming too much sugar and sweets. For instance, as discussed saccharification, artificial sweeteners found in soft drinks produce AGEs ten times more quickly than pure sugar. The consumption of water containing artificial sweeteners may hasten the ageing process, even if you are trying to reduce weight by drinking low-calorie water. Many snack foods are also made with flour and sugar or are fried in oil, which can easily lead to excessive sugar intake. The habit of eating snack foods regularly is also one of the causes of ageing.

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