Bhumija Lifesciences Saw Palmetto with Nettle Root (Prostolite) 60 Capsules-For Prostate Health

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Bhumija Lifesciences Saw Palmetto with Nettle Root is a herbal solution for prostate health, urinary tract infection and function, managing testosterone level and many more. It is a supplement for adults only. Saw Palmetto works as a DHT blocker that nourishes the requirement of hormones in the body that manage the...

Bhumija Lifesciences Saw Palmetto with Nettle Root is a herbal solution for prostate health, urinary tract infection and function, managing testosterone level and many more. It is a supplement for adults only.

Saw Palmetto works as a DHT blocker that nourishes the requirement of hormones in the body that manage the prostate size and urinary problems like frequent urination, urinary pain, etc as well as is also effective for hair growth. According to one study by Pub, it is shown that using Saw palmetto or its extract is effective in the treatment of prostate problems and diseases. You can grab a bottle to get a number of benefits for your body. As it is a natural solution to support hormone balance in the body that also works for hydrating the skin from deep and working over many skins’ irritation. In scientific terms, it is known as Sabal serrulata. Nettle root is widely used for BPH(Benign prostatic hyperplasia) or prostate enlargement. Because it also has powder of DHT blocker like saw palmetto, etc.

As per the Encyclopaedia of Herbal Medicine by Andrew Chevallier. He stated about the combination of saw palmetto and nettle roots for prostate health. In the late 1990s, two clinical trials were performed on men with early-stage BPH, a combination of saw palmetto and nettle roots. Results for the herb combination in both trails were very good with a clear improvement in symptoms. Hence, both are good for prostate health.

Several Saw Palmetto Benefits with Nettle Root

Supports Prostate Health: Saw Palmetto is known to manage prostate size. With growing age, the prostate size enlarges and causes problems to men. Saw Palmetto plus Nettle roots work to support prostate size and overall prostate health. A small study showed that Saw Palmetto capsules may help in Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). It is a condition where a man's prostate gets swelling and enlarges in size. 

Support Urinary Tract Function and Infection- Urinary Tract problems like incontinence and difficulty urination are common in old men. Saw Palmetto supplement may support better urinary function, reduce urinary pain, improve night-time urinary problems, and many more. Regular use controls BPH and is effective in urinary tract functions.

Boost Testosterone - A healthy level of testosterone in the body is linked with many things like muscle mass, libido and many more. Saw Palmetto testosterone supports the healthy regulation of testosterone. A good testosterone level is a sign of good libido, muscle mass, strength, mood, and many more.

Control Hair Fall (Saw Palmetto For Hair) – Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is the main cause that gives hair fall and baldness in men. Saw Palmetto Plant is enriched in a plant-based DHT Blocker, that controls hair loss in a natural way and supports regrowth of hair. Complete nourishment by saw palmetto oil also leads to strong and shiny hair.

Healthy & Flawless Skin- A dihydrotestosterone process causes hormone imbalance in the body. The saw palmetto DHT blocker property manages the formation of sebum in the oil glands that prevent the skin acne problem and many skin irritations. It may be a healthy skincare routine for your flawless skin.

Promote Good Mood - As we know that saw palmetto uses has a property to support hormone balance in the body.  It will be helpful in the management of stress and promote a good mood.


  • Saw Palmetto is a herb that belongs to the species of the palm. Sabal serrulata uses are many. This palm has a super beneficiary element that is used for the treatment of types of baldness in men and treatment for prostate enlargement and other prostate and urinary problems.
  • Nettle Root has been used for hundreds of years. This nettle root is a DHT blocker that is highly effective in the hair follicles and makes them strong. It contains all the essential elements like Vitamin A, ketones, amine, minerals like magnesium and calcium, folic acid, and more means it may make you fully energetic.

The combination of Saw Palmetto with Nettle Root promotes overall body health by keep the better body function. Saw Palmetto Extract is enriched in antioxidant compounds that are very good for the body. Experience several benefits from a single supplement, so buy saw palmetto supplement online now.

Saw Palmetto Dosage - Consume 1 tablet twice a day. You can intake your saw palmetto tablets with water. It is suggested to go with normal water. There are no saw palmetto side effects until you follow the proper instructions of Healthcare professionals.

IMPORTANT: Ask your Healthcare Professional before using this supplement-

  • If you are pregnant, nursing, or taking any medication. 
  • If you are going to any surgery, stop using it two weeks before. This page's content is not meant to replace expert medical advice. 
  • Medications like birth control pills and hormone therapy affect the saw palmetto. Avoid it.
  • If you have some blood clot disease like warfarin, clopidogrel, etc, then the medication will get the effect.

Without first visiting your Healthcare Professional, do not use this material to diagnose or treat your problem.

Disclaimer: The product description is not evaluated by The Food and Drug Administration. It is general information by the website owner. This product is not meant to guarantee any result. The solution varies from individual to individual as per the body type. Product Pictures are only for representational purposes only.

Note: It is an ayurvedic proprietary medicine. For better and more effective results, it is recommended to use it for 3-4 months or you can consult your ayurvedic doctor. Results may vary from person to person.

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Perfect supplement for prostate and urine problems. This natural supplement is good for daily use.



Sam palmetto seems best for prostate health. I checked google and ordered it. This is good for the prostate gland.



Good product without any doubt. I completed my first bottle and am still using it.


Love it

This is really value of money. Saw Palmetto really work well for my urinary infection and urinary problems.



This supplement is awesome. It helped me in my prostate health. Thanks.

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