4 Recommendations To Take Care Of Your Sexual Health

Sexuality is part of being human and contributes directly to our well-being. That is why it is crucial to promote sexual health through child and youth education, healthcare access, the elimination of taboos when talking about it and other aspects that influence it, to maintain it in an optimal state.

Healthy and safe sex is a good indicator of the health of the population and not being careful when practising it is the origin of many sexually transmitted infections, including syphilis, HIV, hepatitis B and C, genital herpes, human papillomavirus infection, and cancers of the cervix.

The following are our suggestions for enhancing and preserving your sexual health:

1. Continue to live a healthy lifestyle and habits

Play sports on a regular basis, get enough sleep, eat a balanced diet, do not smoke, and limit alcohol intake. A vital component of having a better and more enjoyable sexual life is maintaining good personal and intimate hygiene.

2. Avoid taking unnecessary risks during sexual activity

Normalise the usage of condoms to prevent unintended pregnancies and potential STDs. To make it enjoyable for both of you, it's also critical to make an effort to speak with your partner appropriately and fearlessly.

3. Control your emotions and stress

You can avoid circumstances that could endanger your physical or emotional safety by talking to a mental health expert about how to handle your emotions and keep a positive relationship with yourself. It's crucial to embrace and appreciate who you are if you want to enjoy sex.

4. Have good information and sexual education

Several studies demonstrate that young people who receive early sexual education make better decisions, know and respect their bodies more, relate more healthily with other people and acquire more flexible roles. Sexual education helps not just the individual receiving it but also society at large because it can stop a lot of abuse and gender-based violence.

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