Feeling Stressed? Learn To Control Stress

Say no to stress! Although it is very easy to say it and very difficult to put it into practice. Today, we offer you some advice on how to learn to organise yourself, pay attention to your emotions, and ultimately lower your stress levels.

Stress also affects on an emotional level, since the person feels anxiety and depression, which is very negative for the general state of health. What else do we have to tell you to convince you how important it is to control your stress?

Pay close attention to these tips to feel better and less stressed!

  • Relaxation techniques: Your stress will be released and you'll feel better with these quickly. We suggest the following exercises.
  • Deep breathing: Inhale deeply, holding the breath for two seconds, and then gradually releasing it through the mouth. To ensure that you have good breathing control, we recommend performing the exercise while sitting or lying down with one hand on your abdomen and the other on your chest.
  • Imagination: This method involves mentally imagining a scene that makes us feel at ease and paying close attention to all of its nuances. You will find that it is deeper and more powerful when you combine it with profound relaxation.
  • Jacobson's progressive muscle relaxation: This exercise consists of the tension and relaxation of several muscle groups, starting with the lower extremities. One leg needs to be tensed for five seconds, and then you must completely relax it while keeping an eye on it for the following twenty seconds. Likewise, all of the muscular groups extend from the feet to the head. When you finish, you will feel new!

Specific exercises

  • Yoga: Yoga is the practice of positions that help us to meditate. This discipline concentrates on breathing, the mind, and body awareness, which helps to enhance one's physical state (with flexibility and strength) as well as emotional state. Always seek professional assistance when doing yoga!
  • Tai-chi: It is a martial art that strengthens the neurological system and works the muscles and joints. Its foundation lies in practising mindful breathing in conjunction with soft body movement. You'll feel better if you go to your closest centre and inquire about the next Tai Chi lesson.
  • Pilates: Through balance, breathing, and strength training, Pilates exercises help to tone muscles and develop the musculoskeletal system.
  • Meditation: Through meditation, we can unwind both mentally and physically, releasing tension from our bodies and unwinding until we feel no more stress. It is accomplished by deliberately relaxing oneself, concentrating on happy memories, etc.
  • Play sports: Did you know that engaging in physical activity causes the release of endorphins? This hormone gives us more energy and elevates our mood. Select your favourite sport and set a regular practice schedule for yourself. Here are some additional pointers to help you manage your psoriasis and never give up!
  • Professional Help: If you see that, despite these recommendations, your stress levels are high, seek professional support to solve it.
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