A2 Milk - Overview, Preparation, Benefits, Dosage

What is A2 Milk?

A2 Milk is attracting attention as the next trend in dairy products because of its rich nutritional properties and body-friendly properties. It was first popular overseas, but the Indian market is now expanding. A2 milk is becoming more and more well-known for being gentle on the stomach.

The reason why A2 milk is said to be gentle on the stomach is that human breast milk is of the same type as A2 milk, and it can also be said to alleviate symptoms of lactose intolerance. A2 milk is attracting attention as a new healthy habit for families with small children and those who are health conscious.

Unlike conventional milk, which has a combination of A1 and A2 proteins, A2 milk is a form of cow's milk that solely includes the A2 beta-casein protein. Other than water, milk's constituents can be categorised as follows: carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, milk fat, and milk protein. Casein makes up around 80% of the protein in milk. β-casein, which makes up around 30% of casein, is further separated into two types: A1 type and A2 type. Depending on the individual's DNA, dairy cows can produce milk of the A1 type, A2 type, or a combination of the A1 and A2 types. While Jersey and Brown Swiss cows produce milk of the A2 type, Holstein cows typically possess a large number of A1-type genes. The best A2A2 milk is the best quality of the milk. Human breast milk is also made up of A2A2 and is said to be the closest to breast milk among all cow's milk. The number is A2, and this A2 is the gene of the primitive milk.

 It is claimed that "A2 milk" offers greater health advantages than ordinary milk. The ease of digestion of A2 milk is its primary health benefit. Health-conscious individuals in India have made it a hot topic, stating, "It seems like there is milk produced overseas that doesn't cause stomach upset." Even though there is still some uncertainty regarding the effects of A2 milk, several studies have been published, and a range of health benefits are anticipated. In addition to being easy to digest and less likely to cause stomach rumbling when drinking milk, it also has nutritional benefits such as higher protein content than regular milk (A1 milk) and is rich in calcium, essential vitamins, and minerals. There seem to be some advantages as well. It is also said to have the effect of preventing diabetes and heart disease.

How Is A2 Milk Made?

The production process for A2 milk is based on strict quality control and the selection of cows with certain genotypes form. The specific process is as follows.

  • Genetic testing of cows: Testing cows' genes to find those that possess the "A2A2" gene is required to produce A2 milk. This is genetic testing with cells taken from the hair of cows. This allows us to identify cows that carry the "A2A2" gene.
  • Management in a specific environment: The "A2A2" gene-carrying animals are kept apart from other cattle in a distinct environment. These cows are often handled in designated regions or pastures and kept in rigorously separate conditions. By doing this, crossbreeding with animals that carry maintains the quality of cattle with the "A2A2" gene.
  • Milking and Quality Control: The procedure of milking and quality control involves processing milk from cows that have the 'A2A2' gene in a controlled environment. Following the process of milking, the raw milk is gathered at a designated factory and subjected to particular production techniques such as pasteurisation. As a result, A2 milk quality is maintained. The manufacturing of A2 milk involves stringent controls and quality assurance measures to ensure the provision of safe and high-quality goods to consumers.

What is the difference between A2 milk from regular milk?

There are many differences between A2 milk and regular milk, including differences in nutritional content, ease of digestion, and price. Among the many health advantages of A2 milk are the following:

  • Difference between β-casein: A2 milk solely includes A2 type β-casein, whereas regular milk has both A1 and A2 types. Because of this, A2 milk is gentle on the stomach and easy to digest.
  • Health effects: It is expected that consuming A2 milk may boost immunity and ease stomach pain. You may decide to drink A2 milk instead of regular milk because the A1 type beta-casein in regular milk may be more difficult to digest and cause pain, depending on your constitution.
  • Price difference: A2 milk costs more than ordinary milk in the current market. This is because making A2 milk is more expensive than producing ordinary milk and requires raising cows with specific genes.

Benefits of A2 milk

Improve your health: The A2A2 gene can be expected to improve immunity, increase metabolic rate, and promote mental growth, and is also said to have the effect of preventing schizophrenia, diabetes, and heart disease.

Prevents gastrointestinal symptoms: Many people suffer from gastrointestinal problems due to milk because of lactose intolerance or other reasons. Research has verified that the digestion of A1 milk results in gastrointestinal problems. For instance, it was found that A1 milk consumption was positively connected with changes in BS score (r = 0.52) in a study that employed the Bristol scale (BS), which assesses stool quality. However, there was no such link for A2 milk intake (r=-0.13). Another study found a considerable reduction in the symptoms of lactose intolerance in people who drank A2 milk. It is commonly thought that consuming A1 milk results in gastrointestinal problems linked to BCM-7; however, research other than the ones listed above has not revealed any effects of this kind with A2 milk, which does not contain BCM-7. Therefore, A2 milk does not cause gastrointestinal symptoms and is considered to be a preferable drink by anyone without any second thought.

Improve athlete performance and health: After training, athletes need to recover as soon as possible. Although it has been suggested that consuming milk speeds up recovery, athletes who are lactose intolerant do not benefit from this and must replace milk with non-dairy foods and supplements. Conversely, A2 milk appears to be a good substitute. A2 milk and ordinary milk have not yet been the subject of any research assessing the effects on performance, such as muscle strength, speed, or endurance. However, A2 milk has the same nutritional value as regular milk, so it may have the same positive effects on athlete performance.

Impact on performance-related metrics: Research on muscle damage and recovery, which are critical for sports performance, has been conducted, despite the lack of direct comparisons between the impacts on performance. Comparable recovery was seen with both A1 and A2 milk when it came to the effects on muscular injury brought on by 20-metre sprints, vertical leaps, etc. Analogous effects on recovery were also shown in another trial with chocolate milk used as a control. Additionally, there are studies based on basic research indicating that A2 milk should improve stress tolerance and endurance performance.

Association with type 1 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and neurological disease: There has been a long-standing debate about whether consumption of A1 milk may increase the risk of developing type 1 diabetes. Consuming both A1 and A2 milk has been linked to an increased incidence of type 1 diabetes in animal studies. On the other hand, extremely vulnerable rats may be in greater danger when consuming A1 milk. Research on humans reveals a positive correlation between the consumption of A1 milk and the risk of developing type 1 diabetes; Finland and Sweden, with the highest per capita consumption of A1 milk, have high rates of type 1 diabetes; a comparative analysis of 19 nations reveals that Venezuela and Japan, with the lowest consumption of A1 milk, have the lowest incidence rates. Additionally, although the link between A1 milk consumption and cardiovascular and neurological diseases has long been debated, several studies. Hence, it is best to choose A2 milk over more is always a good idea.

How do you know what A2 milk is?

It is the same as the principle of blood type, and is determined by the probability of multiplying "A1A1", "A1A2", and "A2A2". If cows with the "A2A2" gene are crossed, a child with the "A2A2" gene will be born.

There are two simple methods to find out, let check-

  1. Genome testing: Genome testing is used to identify the type of gene present in cells extracted from the hair of a cow.
  2. Milk Inspection: Test kit for identifying the kind of β-casein present in milk. "DNAFoil A2 Cow Milk B3 Test" was developed by Swiss food testing company SDC (SwissDeCode). Consequently, it is now possible to identify A2 milk in 60 minutes. SDC-approved A2 milk is also issued with a certification label called the "A2 Insight Label."

What is the potential for A2 milk to contribute to SDGs?

Currently, the domestic dairy industry is facing difficult circumstances, and its sustainability is being questioned. In light of this, it is anticipated that A2 milk would revitalise the dairy industry and promote sustainable growth. The following are the primary causes.

  • Sustainable production of dairy products: Dairy farming must be sustainable to produce A2 milk. Efforts are made to protect local ecosystems and soils and minimise environmental impact through initiatives such as grass forage and manure management.
  • Supporting neighbourhood/local communities: The manufacturing of A2 milk benefits neighbourhood communities as well. It helps small-scale and dairy farmers in the area generate employment and helps to revive the local economy.
  • Healthy food offering: A2 milk offers consumers a healthy option due to its properties. Milk produced from healthy cows is part of a sustainable food supply, promoting healthy dietary choices and supporting healthy lifestyles.

A2 Milk Dosage

Unlike pharmaceuticals, A2 milk does not have a recommended dosage; instead, it should be consumed like ordinary milk. The recommended amount of A2 milk varies on each person's dietary requirements and preferences. Adults should strive for three servings of dairy or dairy substitutes each day, which can include cheese, yoghurt, or milk, according to nutrition standards. Usually, a serving is around one cup or 240 millilitres. When figuring out how much A2 milk to drink, it's important to take into account one's total diet, nutritional needs, and any particular medical issues. A licensed dietician or other healthcare expert can offer tailored guidance based on each person's dietary requirements and health objectives.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) On A2 Milk

What makes A2 milk so unique?

A2 milk is distinct for containing only the A2 beta-casein protein, believed by some to be easier to digest than the A1 protein found in regular milk. A2 milk is getting popular day by day due to its benefits. It is gentle on the stomach and improves the nutrient absorption in the body. It is the same as ordinary milk with B-casein protein.

What is meant by grade A2 milk?

Grade A2 refers to milk containing predominantly A2 beta-casein protein, sourced from cows with this genetic trait. Of course, it is not ordinary milk which is available. A2 milk is high-grade milk which is prepared by high-grade and selected cows. It is better than ordinary milk.

Is A2 milk better than A1 milk?

Some believe A2 milk is better for digestion, but individual responses vary. Scientific evidence supporting significant health benefits is inconclusive. It is rich in beta-casein protein, which makes it unique. It can be a healthier choice if you opt for the A1 milk or ordinary milk.

Which is better, A2 milk or organic milk?

A2 and organic refer to different aspects. A2 denotes a protein type, while organic refers to farming practices. One isn't inherently better; it depends on individual preferences and dietary needs. 

Is A2 cow milk available at Amul?

Yes, Amul has A2 cow milk which you can use. Amul primarily sells A1 milk; A2 milk may be available from speciality or local dairy producers.

Is Amul milk A1 or A2?

Amul predominantly sells A1 milk, which is the standard cow's milk. But you can find Amul A2 milk as well on online or offline platforms.

In India, which brands are A2 milk?

Various local and specialised brands in India offer A2 milk. Some popular ones include Gir Amrut, Provilac, and Pride of Cows.

Which cow milks A2?

Indigenous or "Desi" cows, such as Gir, Sahiwal, and Red Sindhi, are known to produce A2 milk.

Which milk brands are A2?

Brands like The a2 Milk Company, Pride of Cows, and Provilac are known for offering A2 milk. You can try them all to find the best one.

Are Desi cows given A2 milk?

Yes, milk from Desi cows is typically A2, containing predominantly A2 beta-casein protein.

How can I test my A2 milk at home?

Home testing for A2 milk composition may require specialised equipment. For accurate results, consult a dairy testing laboratory.

Is Amul pure ghee A2?

Amul ghee is primarily sourced from A1 milk; A2 ghee may be available from specific producers.

Can we boil A2 milk?

Yes, A2 milk can be boiled like any other milk. Boiling is a common practice to ensure milk safety and hygiene.

Is A2 milk appropriate for use in the production of cheese and yoghurt?

Dairy products manufactured with A2 milk may have slightly different qualities from those made with conventional milk, but they can still be made with it.

How is the milk for A2 sourced and made?

Only the A2 beta-casein protein is naturally present in the milk produced by cows that generate A2 milk. To preserve this characteristic, particular breeding techniques might be applied.

Is A2 milk beneficial for digestive problems?

A2 milk is said to provide better digestive comfort, although there is conflicting scientific data to support this claim. People react differently.

Is A2 milk appropriate for people who cannot tolerate lactose?

A2 milk might not be good for people who are intolerant to lactose because it still includes lactose. On the other hand, some people who experience discomfort from A1 protein prefer A2 milk.

Can someone with a dairy allergy drink A2 milk?

Since A2 milk contains allergenic proteins that are comparable to those in regular milk, people who are allergic to cow's milk should avoid drinking it.

Is there a nutritional difference between ordinary milk and A2 milk?

A2 milk has a similar nutritional profile as ordinary milk. It has important minerals like protein, calcium, and vitamin D.

Is A2 milk suitable for young children or babies?

Breast milk or baby formula cannot be replaced with A2 milk. See a paediatrician before giving any milk to newborns.

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