Korean Ginseng- Overview, History, Benefits, Precaution, Dosage & FAQ

Ginseng and Korean Ginseng are the oldest medicinal herbs in China. It has been used for Chinese herbal medicine for thousands of years and now it is famous all over the world including India. 

Do you know three varieties available in Korean Ginseng?

Ye, Korean Red Ginseng is available in three different forms based on the harvesting like fresh, red, white. Before the age of four years, it is fresh Korean ginseng. White ginseng Korean is harvested between 4-6 years and red Korean ginseng is harvested after 6 years. The difference is just about the preparation.

Korean Ginseng is a plant of the Araliaceae family. The active ingredient of ginseng is Ginsenoside that has antimicrobial and antifungal properties. In addition, Korean ginseng root has carotene, vitamin A, potassium, dietary fibre, etc. as its main nutrients, but ginseng contains various vitamins, proteins, amino acids, carbohydrates, minerals, and saponin.

Well, you might also have heard of American Ginseng, Siberian Ginseng and more? They are grown in different countries and vary with the concentration of active ingredients. Among all, American and Korean ginseng is the most famous. Korean Ginseng is very healthy for the overall body from physical to sexual to mental health.

  • Korean Ginseng's Latin Name - In Latin or scientific name, it is known as Panax ginseng.
  • Korean Ginseng's Family - It belongs to the Araliaceae family.
  • Korean Ginseng's Common Name - There are many common names for Korean Ginseng like Asian Ginseng, Chinese Ginseng, Ginseng Root, Japanese Ginseng, Jintsam, Ninjin, Radix Ginseng, Ginseng Radix, Red Ginseng, and Ren She.
  • Korean Ginseng's Habitat - Korean Ginseng is mostly found in the mountains of East Asia. It required a cool temperature to grow.

History of Korean Ginseng?

Generally, the origin of ginseng is noted in China. As per the textual and archaeological outcomes, the originating time is the first century B.C. In China, it has been prized as a highly effective Chinese herbal medicine for thousands of years. It is also said, since the Great Wall of China and Qin Shi Huang, known for 3,000 maidens, drank it for body boost. Since then, it has been widely valued by oriental people as a valuable medicine that emphasizes improving the healing ability of the body itself.

It is the oldest theory that is given by the China book, whereas it is written as ginseng is a medical herb that was invented in 196 AD by China. It is assured that ginseng is discovered in China and has been used for a long time. With time, it comes to Korea, Japan, India and all over the world. Li Shizhen from China described ginseng as a "superior tonic", that is used for chronic illness rather than all kinds of illness.

Mechanism of Korean Ginseng (Panax Ginseng)

The main active ingredient for Panax ginseng plays an active role in the mechanism.

Ginsenosides is the most important substance in Korean ginseng. Panaxosides is another name for it. Ginsenosides is a special saponin and is characterized by containing nearly 40 types of saponins. It is also famous for crude drugs now. 

In Korean ginseng, there are three types of ginsenosides named PD (protopanakindiol-based saponins), PT-based (protopanaxatriol-based saponins), and OA-based (oleanolic acid-based saponins).  Of course, each type of ginsenoside has its characteristics.

  • The PD (protopanakindiol-based saponins) system, which acts oppressively on the central nerves and dilates the peripheral nerves, leading to a calm and relaxed state. 
  • The PT (protopanaxatriol-based saponins) system constricts blood vessels and produces vitality by acting excitedly on the central nervous system.

To preserve a normal condition of mind and body, these two opposing works are conducted in a well-balanced manner. It makes sense to increase the mind's defence capabilities and build a more flexible body in today's demanding world.

Why is Korean Ginseng good?

As we know the main compound of Korean Ginseng or Ginseng is Ginsenoside. Or we can say Ginsenoside (saponin) is an important ingredient in ginseng. The type, effect and content of ginsenoside depend on the place of origin. 

Ginseng is originally native to Korea and cultivated in other countries too like China, Japan, the USA and more. The effect and content of Ginsenoside vary greatly depending on the influence of land and climate. This is a reason why the ingredients of Korean ginseng are excellent. Korean red ginseng extract is highly famous in the world. Korean ginseng grown in the korean peninsula is affected by both continental and oceanic climates at the same time, so it has ideal conditions. 

You get surprised to know that China takes two years to create soil and ideal conditions to grow a high-grade Ginseng in their country. 

Korean Red Ginseng Benefits


Korean ginseng is known as a natural aphrodisiac to enhance libido, desire and strength and stamina. It is likely to work as a Viagra by relaxing your muscle and improving the blood flow in the penis. You can improve your stamina and performance in bed. Korean Ginseng may be the best stamina booster for a man who is suffering from the embarrassment of not satisfying their women.

Poor Heart Circulation

Korean ginseng supports heart health. It reduces the bad cholesterol in the body and increases the blood flow in the heart. A high level of bad cholesterol increases the chance of blocking the blood vessels. This causes the blood vessels to lose their elasticity and become more prone to arteriosclerosis. On the other hand, good cholesterol has the function of removing bad cholesterol from the wall, resulting in smooth blood. Korean Ginseng has the mysterious effect of decomposing and excreting cholesterol and triglyceride from the blood more than necessary and increasing the protein-rich good cholesterol level in the body.

Erectile Dysfunction

In today's world, about more than 50 % of men suffer from Erectile Dysfunction. So, Korean ginseng is famous in men to increase the penis potent and may cure sexual dysfunction. It helps men to stay on the bed by improving their erection for a long time. Ginseng increases the blood flow around the genitals and makes you harder for a long time. Well, it is a must to consume for a long time for effective results.

Brain Function

Korean ginseng is known for its cognitive function and supports proper brain function. The ginsenosides and compound K in the ginseng protect the brain from the attack made by free radicals. Regular use of ginseng improves your mental health and functions like memory, behaviour, mood and make you ready to get social. This cognitive enhancer is a must for a healthy brain.

Immune System

Korean Ginseng is a well-known immune booster from ancient times. The roots, stem, leaves, and all of the Korean ginseng parts can maintain the healthy immune system in the body. Basically, it supports homeostasis by the ginsenosides compound. That makes our body accept the external environment and protect us.

Fatigue and Increase Energy Levels

The most popular benefit of ginseng is fatigue recovery and energy enhancement for the body. It has been used and passed down empirically for 2000 years for the energy boost in the war. Regular use of Korean ginseng strengthens the immune system and increases the energy level. A healthy energy level will work for fatigue problems.

Lower Blood Sugar

A major feature of ginseng is its blood sugar-regulating effect, pancreatic cell function, boost insulin production and blood sugar tissue. Instead of unilaterally lowering the blood sugar level, it lowers the blood sugar level when it is high and raises it. You don't have to worry about lowering it too much. Korean Ginseng works effectively for diabetic patients. At the same time, the symptoms were alleviated by using it regularly.

Gastrointestinal Health

Korean Ginseng has a stomach-healing effect. It does not only suppress the symptoms of gastroenteritis, chronic diarrhoea, and chronic constipation. But it also promotes the synthesis of required protein, lipid and nucleic acid that nourish the gastrointestinal cells and activate the cells to return to normal state. Korean Ginseng is also helpful to increase appetite. Having vomiting, fatigue due to unhealthy stomach function will be promoted by daily use of Korean ginseng roots. 

Sperm quality and mobility

With ageing, both sperm count and sperm mobility decrease in men. That causes infertility in men. In recent studies, changes in eating habits and environment affect the sperm quality in young people. Korean Ginseng is very effective for infertility and improves sperm function and production. It's been around for a long time. The WHO (World Health Organization) announcement also revealed that sperm motility has dropped from 80% to 50% compared to 20 years ago. These people can try Korean ginseng and Korean ginseng supplements to improve fertility.

Stress, Insomnia

Lack of energy, a hectic day, work pressure causes a virtuous cycle, symptoms such as stress, insomnia, neurosis, and autonomic imbalance appear in life. Well, it gets common nowadays. Korean ginseng has natural healing power by saponin and suppresses the occurrence of psychological diseases including anxiety, stress, etc. Korean ginseng is used to lift the mood. It can be a reason to offer a night of great sleep at night.


Soothe cough

Ginseng has been used for coughing like in pulmonary tuberculosis and makes it easier for you to cut out the sputum. It is effective in cough and throat due to the anti-inflammatory effect of saponin containing ginseng. Saponin suppresses the inflammation from the respiratory system, which is also known as a cough suppressant. In addition, it is also effective for a disease that takes a long time like asthma and tuberculosis.

Liver Function

The liver is essential for decomposing and synthesizing food. Korean ginseng helps to keep the liver functioning well. It promotes blood circulation, increases the ability of the liver to synthesize protein, relieve fatigue and reduce the liver burden. The ginsenosides compound of Korean ginseng manages the array of liver functions. A healthy metabolism promoted by ginseng helps in overall liver work. 


True beauty comes from within the body instead of cosmetics. The action of improving the blood flow by ginseng helps in activating the metabolism of skin well and flushing out the unwanted compound. It helps to make the skin spot-free and pimple free. Ginseng works to circulate the blood even in the smallest blood vessels. Get firm and healthy skin with regular use of ginseng.

Allergic disease

Ginseng has a cooperative effect on the cause of allergies whether related to the gastric, nerve, blood, metabolism or more. Ginseng can remove the allergens by excreting waste products from the body.

Korean Ginseng Precaution

Korean Ginseng is very good for the body. There is no doubt, but let’s also know about the points to be noted while consuming Korean ginseng.

  • Pregnancy and Lactating Women- It is noted that the consumption of Panax Ginseng causes birth defects, so it needs to be avoided. It is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women in any situation.
  • Children- Korean Ginseng is not for children and infants. It is a herb for adults only. Until discussion with a doctor or healthcare professional, it is no for the older children as well.
  • Auto-immune Disease- Korean ginseng is a natural immunity booster. The Korean ginseng’s work can affect diseases like multiple sclerosis (MS), lupus, rheumatoid arthritis (RA), and more. It is not recommended to use with an auto-immune disease and medication.
  • Bleeding Disorder- Korean Ginseng affects blood clotting and blood flow. So, for those who have bleeding conditions or are already on medication, it is not recommended.
  • Heart Condition- At the start, Korean ginseng or Panax ginseng can affect the heart rate. It can fasten the heart rate and increase blood pressure. So, you need to be aware. Consult a healthcare professional, if it goes too high.
  • Diabetes- Korean ginseng is effective in lowering blood sugar levels. If you are already on diabetic medication, then talk to your doctor before starting to take it.
  • Hormone-sensitive Condition- The main component of Korean ginseng- ginsenosides affect the hormones. You need to be alert in any of these conditions like breast cancer, uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, endometriosis, or uterine fibroids.
  • Insomnia- It is not recommended to intake bedtime. It may affect your sleeping time.
  • Overdose- There is nothing to worry about when a healthy person consumes a limited and recommended sense of amount. However, an overdose may cause problems for you. A high dose may cause insomnia, mental disorder, palpitation and others.

Korean Ginseng Dosage

Korean Ginseng or Korean ginseng root can be taken in many ways. You can intake it raw or can boil it in water to eat. Many prepare tea by boiling its fresh roots or dried root with water and milk. In many countries, they add Korean ginseng root to many special dishes like soups and fries. It is also available in powder, tablet, capsules and supplement form to make it easy to consume

It is always okay to consume Korean ginseng as suggested by the healthcare professional or instruction label. Well, the recommended daily dose for Korean Ginseng is 90 - 400 mg/day, Max in extract form. 

You can have 400mg at the maximum per day. However, 400mg at once or divide 200-200mg in two doses. But remember it should not be used for a long time. The recommended period is 3 months. After every 3 months, take a 2–3 weeks break because Korean ginseng has 3 - 10 % Ginsenoside content that may cause harm. 

It is good to consume any Korean ginseng supplement with a glass of water and a proper meal.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on Korean Ginseng

Why is Korean ginseng good to use?

Korean Ginseng is important for overall health. Mainly, it strengthens stamina, immunity, brain function and improves erectile dysfunction. In addition, it is also effective in diabetes, heart, stress and many more.

Is it safe to use Korean ginseng daily?

Yes, it is safe to intake Korean Ginseng every day. According to the FSSAI, you can have 200-400mg per day. Remember, do not overdose on it. It can be quite hazardous to your health.

Is Korean ginseng harmful to use?

According to a study, Korean ginseng is not harmful. It is safe and beneficial until it reaches its limit. Korean ginseng is good in many ways for health.

Is it true that ginseng makes you hard?

Yes, Korean Ginseng is known to make you hard. It relaxes the penis muscle and promotes penis potent. Korean ginseng is an aphrodisiac that increases arousal, libido and makes it long-lasting. 

Does Korean ginseng have the same effect as Viagra?

Yes, somewhere the outcomes of Korean Ginseng and Viagra are the same. Korean ginseng also relaxes the penis muscles. Moreover, it increases the blood flow in the penis that works in a hard erection.

Is Panax ginseng the same as Korean ginseng?

Yes, Panax Ginseng is the scientific name for Korean Ginseng.

Is Korean ginseng also for women?

Yes, Korean ginseng also works for women for immunity and energy boost. It also maintains the cognitive function and heart function in women's bodies.

How should I take a Korean Ginseng Capsule for the first time?

Read the instruction label from the bottle. If there is nothing written, check the ingredient column. You can have 200-400mg in a day with a glass of water. Make sure to intake in limit.

When is the optimum time to drink ginseng tea from Korea?

Red ginseng (Korean ginseng) does not contain ingredients that irritate or burden the stomach, so you can have Korean red ginseng tea in the morning or evening with meals or without meals. It is up to you. Just avoid it at bedtime.

Are Ginseng and Ginger the same?

No, both are totally different. Well, both are root and might look the same. But both are different according to body reaction.

What is the best ginseng for performance?

Red Panax Ginseng is best known for its stamina and performance. It increases the blood flow around the genital and boosts the power in men.

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