Noni Fruit (Morinda citrifolia)- Overview, History, Uses, Benefits, Precaution, Dosage

What is Noni?

Noni is a fruit with more than 140 kinds of active ingredients including vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Since it contains an extremely large number of healthy ingredients, it is expected to have various effects such as building a healthy body, preventing ageing, and improving skin problems. A right dose of noni juice leads to a quality of life.

"Morinda citrifolia" is another name for the Noni plant, which is used in medical terms. It is a typical tropical fruit from Polynesia. The height of the tree is 5 to 1. Its fruit is famous and has been used for medical purposes. The outer layer is pale green in colour and its interior may be reminiscent of the custard apple, with white flesh and full of seeds. Being a tropical fruit, it is not too tasty and does not smell good.

For the use of noni fruit, it is difficult to eat the fruit directly. The juice is prepared for easy use by squeezing fruits. Well, raw fruit is also eaten sometimes, but not so popular because of smell and taste. Preparation of tea, supplements, tablets are also available in the market.

  • Latin Name: The latin and scientific name of the noni plant is Morinda citrifolia.
  • Family Name: The family name of a noni plant is the Madder or Rubiaceae family. A plant belonging to the Rubiaceae family is a flowering plant.
  • Common Name: Noni, Morinda, Indian mulberry, beach mulberry, Hog apple, Cheese fruits, canary wood, etc are the common names from all over the world.
  • Habitat: Noni is comfortable in a harsh environment. The tropical and subtropical climate is suitable.
  • Season: Most noni fruit is ready in the summer season.

Noni's Nutritional Value

Noni fruit contains a lot of nutrition like large amounts of vitamins such as vitamin C and Vitamin E, minerals such as potassium and calcium, amino acids, Beta-carotene, proxeronine, and scopoletin. As well, it contains more than 140 kinds of active ingredients such as morindine, terpenes, oleic acid, ursolic acid, and linoleic acid, which are aromatic components.

Beta-carotene is transformed to Vitamin A by the body as it is required in some body process or energy. Vitamin C and Beta Carotene have a strong antioxidant effect and control the function of oxygen in the body. 

Vitamin C, which is abundant in noni, is an essential component for the synthesis of collagen, which makes strong blood vessels, muscles, bones, and skin. MInerals also support bone-forming and function in the body. Beta-carotene, which keeps zinc, hair, nails, and eyes healthy. Therefore, noni nutrition is helpful most of the body problem and support overall body health.

History of Noni Fruits

The history of noni is rich. From ancient times, about 2000-3000 years ago, noni has been used to be effective against all diseases and has been called "wonderful fruit" by the people of the Polynesian Islands. It is believed to be found in Polynesian Islands. From that time, it has been used as a universal remedy for pain relief, inflammation and diarrhoea. In ancient Ayurveda, it is also mentioned and detailed reviewed.

In the later 1700s, when Europeans discovered the inland. European captain James Cook and his mate discovered and explored the islands such as Tahiti during their voyage. During his voyage, he mentioned the noni fruit. During World War II, soldiers from the Polynesian islands also used the noni fruit for strength. So, it is said that noni has a strong vitality.

With time, it gets famous in many countries and cities when seeds travel from the ocean to many places. Hence, from ancient times, noni has been used for medicinal purposes and dyes. At first, it was not widely used as an edible product due to its unique strong odour. In recent years, due to the high nutritional value of noni, it has gained popularity for its health benefits. Now, noni has been used as health food and supplements. So, its extract form is also available as noni capsules, noni syrup, noni toothpaste, and many other noni products.

Noni Fruit Uses

The use of noni fruit is various, a variety of beverages, powder, cosmetic, oil, supplement, etc are available in the market.

  • Traditional Uses
  • Noni's fruits, leaves have been used in Polynesian culture as a general tonic. It has biological properties from traditional medicine. From a traditional time, there is evidence to use for the health benefits. 

  • General Uses
  • In general, it is used as food and dyes. Noni is also known as “famine fruit” or "starvation fruit". During the famine, indigenous peoples used noni as food in emergencies. As we know, it has a bad taste and smell, but people still eat it like food. It is also said that noni is used for the production of dyes. Noni can produce brownish-purplish dye. In today's market, noni dyes are also selling.

    Noni Fruit benefits (Noni Juice Benefits)

    Check out the number of noni benefits linked with the noni fruit or its extract.

  • Improve Immunity System
  • Noni Fruit has Vitamin C and beta carotene, which is used to enhance the immunity system in the body. Noni is capable of stimulating the T lymphocytes (white blood cells) and protecting the cells from external attacks by free radicals. A boost in the immunity system also prevents the body from several chronic diseases.

  • Relieve Stress
  • Vitamin C contained in noni includes adrenocortical cortex hormones that are effective to relieve stress, depression. It enhances the dopamine that creates emotions such as comfort, happy and calm feelings. Moreover, it is also effective for stabilizing the mental state. Therefore, Noni is thought to have the effect of relieving stress, calming frustration and stabilizing the mental state.

  • Antioxidant Power
  • Noni is a source of rich antioxidants because of the large amount of selenium, xeronine, lignans, anthraquinones, terpenes and scopoletin in the noni fruit. It neutralizes the famous free radicals, preventing premature ageing of the tissues and many more.

  • Support Heart Health
  • Noni is capable of improving their lipid profile, decreasing the high levels of cholesterol and triglycerides. Vitamin C and other components of Noni can reduce bad (LDL) cholesterol in the blood. In addition, scopoletin contained in noni has the function of dilating blood vessels and giving elasticity, and potassium has the function of promoting the excretion of sodium and suppressing the rise in blood pressure. Noni is effective in reducing the risk of heart diseases.

  • Support Cellular Recovery For Smoker
  • Daily use of noni reduced smokers' levels of carcinogenic chemicals by 44.9%. Due to high antioxidants, noni juice reduces the oxidative ad toxin from the respiratory system and prevents the cell. Noni is not beneficial to help to quit smoking, rather it helps to prevent the damage caused by smoking.

  • Prevent Infectious Diseases
  • Noni is rich in vitamin C and proxeronine. Vitamin C increases the activity of white blood cells in the blood and repels bacteria and viruses that have invaded from outside the body. In addition, proxeronine is converted to xeronine in the body and works to enhance the natural healing power of humans. It prevents the body from infectious diseases and illnesses.

  • Support Weight Loss
  • Noni is very effective for weight management. can be a good help to increase the metabolism, decrease the appetite, decrease the curving, decreasing blood fats, etc. It results in low food intake and support in weight loss. Being a good laxative effect, it also controls the digestive system for better weight,

  • Support Joint Pain & Inflammation
  • From a year back, noni has been used as pain-relieved. Problems related to joints and pain like arthritis can be managed by the regular use of noni. Being anti-inflammatory and with a strong antibacterial effect, it can be expected to have an effect of suppressing inflammation in the body. Reduce inflammation around the joints, also lower the pain, Noni is a natural pain relief for the inflammation.

    Other Benefits

  • Supports Digestive System
  • Due to its antimicrobial and antiparasitic properties, it is capable of fighting digestive problems like constipation, ulcers, gastritis or intestinal parasites. Noni increases the movement of the intestinal and accelerates defecation by anthraquinones, and paraffin. It is also rich in laxative effects.

  • Skin-Whitening Effect
  • The melanin pigment that causes stains and freckles is produced from tyrosine, which is a type of amino acid. Vitamin C, which is abundant in noni, suppresses the action of tyrosinase. Moreover, noni also supports quickly decomposing melanin pigments, which result in glowing skin.

  • Prevent Of Psoriasis
  • The noni fruit can improve the treatment of psoriasis, mainly due to its ability to improve the immune system. With its application, the repair of damaged tissues and the creation of skin defences are stimulated.

  • Reduce Swelling
  • Potassium contained in Noni has the function of draining excess water from the body. Therefore, it is effective in preventing and improving swelling caused by the water accumulated between cells.

    Noni Dosage

    The right dose of noni depends on various factors, like age, health, disease and other conditions. Well, no information tells us about the noni dosage. According to a study, it is said that having 500mg or 750ml of noni extract is safer and nontoxic for the human body. But for the best, it is recommended to consult the Healthcare professional.  

    While consuming an ayurvedic herb, it is important to keep eye on the dosage. An overdose may cause many adverse effects that are not good for the body. Well, every company adds recommended dosage on the label. You can consult the label or ask the pharmacist or physician or other healthcare professional.

    Noni Precaution

    Like other herbs, it is good to consider the precaution of noni juice. Noni juice is full of nutritional value and effective in many problems. But still, it has many points that you should check like-

    • No information proves that the use of noni is good for pregnant and breastfeeding women. So, it is good to avoid them for a better life.
    • Noni contains a high concentration of potassium. That is typically not good for the kidney. If you already have kidney problems, you should avoid them.
    • A large amount of potassium level in the body is also not good for the blood. So, you need to limit your noni intakes per day.
    • It is said that noni is linked with many liver damage and disease. Do not consume it until recommended by the doctor.
    • If you are on medication for high blood pressure and slow blood clotting, then you should avoid it or consider a doctor's guide.

    Possible Side effects of noni juice

    Noni is safer to use orally by the adult-only. Below are the major side effects of noni and its extract. The side effect may cause due to overdose and individual healthy condition

    • Liver toxicity/hepatotoxicity
    • High potassium level 
    • Stomach Discomfort – Ingestion of dried noni fruits can increase stomach discomfort

    FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on Noni 

    How to drink noni juice?

    Noni juice is available in the market as a blended form at various noni juice price. You can enjoy noni juice cold or iced. If you want, you can dilute it with some water. There are many health benefits linked with the consumption of noni juice daily.

    How to eat noni fruit

    It is suitable to eat raw noni fruit. Well, the taste might be strange for you. For better flavour, it is good to sprinkle some sea salt over the top of the slices.

    How to make noni juice

    Bring fully ripened noni fruit and wash them. Cut in slices and blend in the blender with cold water. Stir it. For better taste, you can add honey, sugar to the blended noni juice. Keep noni juice concentrate thin, so it is easy to drink. You can also bring readymade juice from the market. There are many companies preparing and selling it.

    What is noni good for?

    Noni is good for many conditions like it reduces bad cholesterol, chronic pain, inflammation, swelling and many more.

    How to use noni fruit?

    It is ideal to eat raw noni fruits or you can prepare noni juice. You can squeeze a ripe noni fruit a bit and blend it in a blender. It is very easy to prepare noni juice from the fruit.

    What are the side effects of noni juice?

    Noni fruit has adverse effects like other herbs. If you consume noni fruit in the wrong way or overdose, then there is a possibility to experience diarrhoea, liver damage, high blood pressure, etc.

    What effect does noni have on the body?

    Noni is helpful to boost the immunity system as well as overall health. It has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine properties that work for the immune system and protects the body from flu and other chronic diseases.

    Is noni a dangerous fruit?

    Not really, noni fruit is good for your health if consumed as per recommended dose. Well, there are some conditions when you need to avoid noni. This is toxic for the liver and other organs.

    Is it okay if I consume noni juice every day?

    Yes, in general, it is good to consume every day as per healthcare professionals. Moreover, it is safer to consume 750ml of noni juice per day. 

    Is noni beneficial to hair growth?

    Yes, noni is good for the hair if consumed for a short period of time. It improve the scalp of hair and skin. Moreover, healthy blood circulation is also effective for hair growth and hair loss.

    Is it true that noni can brighten your skin?

    Yes, noni is good for the skin and supports the lightening of the skin. Noni is rich in vitamins and minerals like VItamin C, Vitamin A, flavonoids, potassium, a fatty acid that control collagen formation, boost collagen repair, improve skin elasticity and skin tone.

    Is noni beneficial to the skin?

    Yes, noni is beneficial for the skin. It is a good skincare product due to Vitamin C, Flavonoid, Fatty Acid Antioxidants, Anti-inflammatory, Antifungal & Antibacterial properties. It boosts collagen production, which is a major protein available in the skin and body.

    Is noni a sleep aid for you?

    Yes, somehow noni fruits are effective to provide a night of better sleep. Noni has antioxidant properties that reduce stress, depression and leads to a night of better sleep. Moreover, it contains serotonin that also works for insomnia.

    How much noni juice should you consume on a daily basis?

    It is said that the consumption of 750ml of noni juice is good for your health. But we said, you should go with a healthcare professional's recommended dose.

    Is noni juice good for detoxing?

    Yes, noni juice detoxifies your body. It is a detoxifier in nature that removes the toxic and unwanted germs from the body and supports better immunity and health.

    Is noni beneficial to the liver?

    Noni is able to normalize liver function in some conditions only.

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