What to eat pre and post workout to boost performance and energy?

Meals around training are important to monitor as they help to have energy, enhance performance, avoid muscle fatigue and improve recovery. Since enhancing individuality enhances all these elements, no one rule fits all situations. 

Well, we need to address each of these factors, but let's start by making sure we are taking care of the fundamentals: getting enough sleep, managing our stress, eating a healthy diet, being hydrated, and consuming both macro and micronutrients.

To decide how to organise the training sessions, we also need to consider the type of training, intensity, duration, number of sessions each week, and intervals between sessions.


Depending on the time that passes between this intake and training, we must ensure certain foods or others to ensure adequate digestion and that it does not affect training.  If we drink something close to exercising and realise that our digestion is slower, we can choose liquid or semi-liquid forms to make sure it has finished. The closer we go to training time, the more fats and fibre we should abandon.

  • About 30-60 minutes before banana + yoghurt (proteins + fast-absorbing carbohydrates).
  • 1-2 hrs before: milk + oats + almonds (proteins + fats + quickly absorbed carbohydrates).
  • 2-4 hrs before eggs with potatoes and oil (fats + proteins + slow absorption carbohydrates).


This shot will only be required if the training lasts longer than 60 to 90 minutes. If not, just make sure to drink enough water and recover. If so, you may want to try bars or gels that have fast-absorbing carbohydrates and measure your tolerance.

Post Workout

Here, we need to take care of our nutrition in addition to replenishing lost micronutrients like potassium through sweat and being hydrated. We should eat yoghurt, almonds, blueberries, strawberries, and oats (fats, proteins, slow-absorbing carbs, and antioxidants). Since getting enough protein aids in muscle recovery, we can include whey protein powder in our meals. It's a very helpful choice to think about if we don't only reach through food.

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