Discover 10 Essential Tips for Eating Well with Diabetes

Have you been diagnosed with  diabetes  and don't know what you can eat? Don't give up and carefully read this article, we've provided you with some guidelines or tips to help you eat healthy while managing your blood sugar levels.

Pay Attention To These 10 Points

  1. Eat 5 times a day. Don't miss any of your meals. You can keep your meals small.
  2. Avoid quickly absorbed sugars contained in sweets or juices, as they raise blood glucose very quickly. Sweeteners like saccharin, aspartame, or cyclamate can be used in place of sugar.
  3. Remember that slow-absorbing carbs, which are present in rice, potatoes, pasta, and legumes, cause our bodies to release glucose more gradually. They help blood sugar levels stay lower and more steady for extended periods of time.
  4. Choose high-fibre foods like fruits and vegetables. They also include a lot of minerals and vitamins.
  5. Limit foods of animal origin as much as possible and try to ensure that fish consumption exceeds meat consumption.
  6. Reduce fat in cheeses, meats, butters, and sausages.
  7. Eggs and other foods that raise cholesterol should be avoided if you have high cholesterol in addition to diabetes.
  8. Moderate use of alcoholic beverages.
  9. Use olive oil in your cooking, instead of any other cooking oil.
  10. Avoid salt! To assist in managing hypertension.

As you already know, it is important to combine a healthy diet with an exercise plan. You can ask for some help with your professional for the right exercise.

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