Shilajit: Overview, Benefits, Precaution, Dosage


What Is Shilajit?

Shilajit is the oldest medicine from Ayurveda. It is a mineral tar found in the rocks of the Himalayas. It is blackish/brownish resin. Shilajit for restoring health and promoting well-being has been well known since ancient times. The word shilajit meaning in Sanskrit is "mountain conqueror". It has been used for years as a diet and herbal remedy to treat diseases that afflict the body, mind and spirit. Its properties are linked to delaying cognitive decline, preventing anaemia and the power it would have to counteract the effects of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

The best kind of Shilajit is found in the altitudes of 3,000-5,000m in the Himalayas and was discovered thousands of years ago. It is harvested from areas with clean air and intense sunlight and has the appearance of black-brown sticky, kneaded soil. The power of shilajit collected from the Himalayas is mysterious and profound.

  • Another name-The Latin name for Shilajit is Asphaltum Punjabianum. It is also known as salajit, shilajatu, mimie, or mummiyo. 
  • Habitat- Shilajit belongs to the mountains of the Himalayas and Hindukush ranges of the Indian subcontinent. It is taken from a place where the air is clean and the sunlight is strong.
  • Season- Mostly, shilajit is taken in the summer season.

History of Shilajit

Shilajit is a natural substance found years back in the Himalayas. During the summer season, due to the scorching heat of the sun, the metal parts of the mountain rocks melt and leak out. This is called the shilajit. It is said that it is a result of the decomposition of plants. This is not the normal process. It has decayed for centuries. Due to the slow decomposition of plants for centuries, the resulting shilajit is rich in fulvic acid. Shilajit also looks like coal tar. 

Being a process of centuries, the price of shilajit is also high. After All the supposed benefits are also accumulated with it. If you are considering taking shilajit, be sure to check the quality of the product. Always demand evidence of safety and efficacy. The power of Shilajit from the Himalayas is mysterious and profound. Over many thousands of years, plants and organic matter were trapped by layers of rock in mountainous regions of India and Tibet. 

Ingredients Of Shilajit And Their Functions

Shilajit contains quite a lot of ingredients such as fulvic acid, humic acid, magnesium, iron and zinc. Fulvic acid, which is especially abundant, is natural humus produced when dead grass, dead trees, carcasses and the excrement of animals are decomposed by microorganisms. There is a theory that fulvic acid contains a lot of minerals and organic acids, binds to amino acids and sugars, and is effective for the prevention and improvement of diseases, health maintenance and beauty. It is also said to have a detoxifying effect by removing active oxygen and adsorbing and discharging harmful substances.

In addition, minerals such as iron, copper, and nickel contained in Shilajit have the role of carrying a lot of oxygen, which seems to lead to muscle strengthening. In addition, Shilajit is said to have a diuretic effect and a blood purification effect.

Types Of Shilajit

Shilajit has also types as per their colour and grades. It is characterised by the type of mountains and types of the environment.

  • Suvarna Shilajit: It is also known as Charaka Samhita Shilajit. It is red with more gold in colour. It belongs to the rocks with a Japa or Hibiscus flower. It is said that it has Madhura and Tikta Rasa and Katu Vipaka.
  • Rajat Shilajit: It is silver or white in colour. It also belongs to some special types of rock. It is said that it has Katu Rasa and Madhura Vipaka.
  • Tamra Shilajit: It is bluish-purple in colour. It belongs to the rocks which have a peacock-throat-like structure. It is said that it has Tikta Rasa and Katu Vipaka.
  • Lauha Shilajit: It is black or contains iron and it is the best type of shilajit. It has Tikta and Lavana Rasa and Katu Vipaka and it looks similar to the gum of Guggulu. 

Why is Shilajit a superfood?

The power and use of shilajit are world-famous. It is one of the superfoods. Do you know why?

Shilajit is said to be one of the superfoods, but why? Let me tell you an old anecdote. When a deer was stabbed by an arrow, the deer licked the injured part after licking a blackish-brown stone and was doing fine after that. For this reason, it is said that this stone has the power to heal humans. From that day, the power of shilajit is known and day by day it gets world-famous as a superfood.

Shilajit Benefits (shilajit ke fayde)

There are various benefits of shilajit which are famous to the people. Here is some of benefits-

Increased Energy Level

The most recognized and famous property of Shilajit is adaptogenic properties, which means it is able to produce more energy for the body. It is not enough for you to eat healthily. So, it is good to add shilajit to the diet. Shilajit is full of essential trace elements and other nutrients. dibenzo-ɑ pyrones (DBPs) are the main components responsible for the adaptogenic properties of shilajit. DBPs are metabolites formed from the decomposition of organic matter. Shilajit helps to increase the practical use of energy from sugar as well.

Relieves Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Shilajit has the power to relieve the signs and symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome. It is a condition where a person feels extreme fatigue and sleep disorder. Shilajit has antioxidants that reduce oxidative stress, promote a fast recovery and reduce chronic fatigue syndrome. The presence of DBPs, DBP chromoproteins, and fulvic acid supports more energy and enthusiasm. It could be the beginning of a more optimistic mindset.

Low Testosterone Level

Testosterone is a male hormone. The lower level of testosterone causes many problems in men like low libido, hair loss, muscle mass loss, and general weakness like fatigue, and nausea. If you experience any of these symptoms, it means you used to order Shilajit now. Regular use of shilajit shows an effect on total testosterone level, free testosterone and dehydroepiandrosterone level. It is one of the famous shilajit benefits for men.

Improve Brain Function 

Shilajit affected levels of dopamine and other brain chemicals associated with nootropic and anxiolytic activities. So, it is said to be good for brain functions. The antioxidant property improves cognitive health and improves memory, focus and a better nervous system. Similarly, fulvic acid, an antioxidant of shilajit, may decrease inflammation, which is linked to an improvement in Alzheimer's symptoms. However, more research is still required.

Fulfil Iron Deficiency

When there is a lack of iron in the body, it causes iron deficiency, which is also known as anaemia. Shilajit has a higher number of humic acid and iron that fulfil the requirement of iron. When your body feels the symptoms of fatigue, weakness, cold hand & feet, headache, etc, then your body requires an iron source. Shilajit increases the haemoglobin and red blood cells for a healthy body.

Increases Male Fertility

Shilajit is very known to improve male fertility. Traditionally, Shilajit has a reputation as an aphrodisiac. Regular use of Shilajit supplements, increases the sperm count, quality of sperm and mobility of sperm. For women who want to get pregnant, then you need to add Shilajit to your partner's diet. With the use of shilajit, there is a higher chance to transmit sperm because mobility increases by 60%.

Increase Heart Health

Shilajit is a mineral-rich compound used to protect the heart from unwanted problems. You can improve your heart health with regular use of shilajit and reduce the risk of heart attacks. In the traditional medicinal system, it is also said that it should not be used if you already have an active heart problem. It is used to prevent heart problems, not to treat heart problems.

Used To Delays Ageing

Shilajit is a good source of fulvic acid, a super-strong antioxidant. It helps the body to reduce oxidative stress and prevent the body from cell damage. It also fights free radicals and prevents the body. Due to protection and antioxidant work, it slows down the ageing process, Shilajit is used to increase longevity and improve youthful skin.

Good For Altitude Sickness

Acute mountain sickness (AMS) is a physical disorder caused by low atmospheric pressure. Where people start to feel nausea, chronic fatigue, hypoxia, and brain problems. It happens because of low oxygen supply, more intense UV radiation, low atmospheric pressure, and high wind speed and depression. One of the first uses of shilajit is to alleviate altitude sickness. It promotes body mechanisms and prevents the body from AMS symptoms.

Other Benefits

Reduce Stress and Anxiety Level

Shijat is also used to recover more quickly from stressful situations. AS stress is related to depression and anxiety. Controlling the stress level with the shilajit also decreases the risk of developing mental health disorders. Symptoms of Stress and depression are sudden weight gain or loss, insomnia, fatigue, and a bad mood.

Improve Sleep

Lack of sleep can be a cause or effect of diseases. There are several reasons why sleep patterns can be disturbed. Some of the most common reasons are stress, anxiety, depression, and micronutrient deficiencies. You can improve your sleeping benefit with the use of Shilajit. Shilajit is full of macronutrients, micronutrients with adaptogenic agents, that control stress and lead to good sleep.

Improve Gut Health

Poor gut health means poor absorption of nutrients. In turn, that means fewer nutrients and energy for the body to perform optimally. Shilajit has selenium and molybdenum that act as detoxifiers and flush out the toxin. It keeps the stomach and intestinal tract healthy and supports better digestion.

Improve Wound Healing

Shilajit has antibacterial properties, so it is known as wound-healing medicine. The presence of a humic acid solution improved the speed and quality of wound healing.

Shilajit Dosage and Preparation

Shilajit is an ayurvedic herb. Till now, there is no effective therapeutic dosage of Shilajit. There is no evidence which can state that using a specific dose can treat your problem. The use of shilajit varies from person to person as per their age, health condition, body stretch and other factors. If you want to use shilajit, it is good to consult with a healthcare professional or ayurvedic doctor first. However, 100-300 mg is a rough dose of shilajit, along with water or milk. It is only recommended for adults. It needs to keep away from the kids and children. 

It is an ayurvedic herb, so it is okay to consume it on an empty stomach or after a meal. 

There are many forms of shilajit available in the market. The liquid, capsules, resin, powder and many more. You can choose any form to add shilajit to the diet. Shilajit can be consumed in a variety of ways. Shilajit powder can be consumed with milk or your preferred smoothie However, pills and shilajit capsules should be swallowed with water. Depending on their constitution, some people are not suited to shilajit, so let's take it after assessing your physical health.

Shilajit Side Effects

Shilajit may be safe, according to the study, however, there are a few situations when it is not advised to use it because of potential adverse effects:

  • Patients with heart disease or those with low blood pressure should avoid it.
  • It is also not advised if you have sickle cell anaemia, thalassemia, or hemochromatosis.
  • Shilajit should not be ingested raw or uncooked as it may contain dangerous heavy metals, fungi, or other elements. It is advised that retailers verify the product's purification.
  • If rash, vertigo, or an elevated heart rate appears, stop taking it.
  • The excess use or impurified version may lead to certain complications.
  • An allergic reaction on the skin or a burning sensation may be an adverse effect of shilajit.
  • Other potential adverse effects to be noted- are high urination, feet burning, itching, hives, dizziness, heart strokes and many more.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on Shilajit

Shilajit is a powerful herb with fulvic acid and 84+ minerals. Its antioxidants and minerals help the body to boost the immune system, brain function, memory capacity, energy and endurance booster, remove toxins and many more.

The use of shilajit varies by form of shilajit. Liquid and powder should mix with water, smoothie or any liquid to consume it. The pill and capsules should be taken with a glass of water.

Shilajit is not a drug. It is a herb and takes about 2-3 months or more for effective results. In addition, you need to use it on a regular basis.

Lauha shilajit is considered the best shilajit. It is one type of shilajit rich in iron. It is blackish in colour.

To test the purity of shilajit, perform a solubility test. First, mix a small piece of shilajit in water. An authentic shilajit will immediately dissolve in the water and turn into dark brown or reddish-black water. No residue will be left. Now an alcohol test. a pure and authentic shilajit does not dissolve in the water. It turns into a small clot in the alcohol.

Yes, shilajit is very beneficial for the men's body. At most, shilajit increases the male hormones, testosterone in the body. Men should add shilajit to their diet for better well-being.

Shilajit is a superfood for women too. It cleanses, and detoxifies the reproductive organs as well as supports uterine function and health for women. Other common benefits are an energy boost, a better immune system, no tiredness and many more.

Yes, shilajit is safe to use on an everyday basis. Regular and long-term use is ideal for the effective use of shilajit.

If you have sickle cell anaemia, thalassemia, hemochromatosis, etc, then you should not use shilajit. Well, everyone should consult with a healthcare professional before starting to use it.

Yes, shilajit helps to increase testosterone. The study shows an increase in the total testosterone level with daily use.

Yes, shilajit gold is effective and provides better wellbeing to the body.

Yes, shilajit helps to increase testosterone. The study shows an increase in the total testosterone level with daily use.

Shilajit is quite an expensive herb. The estimated cost of shilajit is 3500-4000 INR for 1 kg in India.

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